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To best deal with your unique needs, we can propose numerous service delivery packages where the outputs and fee structures are commensurate with the projects’ construction budget and intended market, thereby guiding the design process.


Full service

Fixed fee quotation for landscape consultancy (see below for specific quotation components) 

Partial services

Choose your own services needed (to be collated in a fixed fee quotation)

Hourly rate work

Tap into our skills as you need them up to an agreed time & cost, or use us for a one-off “Brain-storming” session before you start planning the project...


If you’ d like a written quote for any services, we can provide a formal quotation to you via email for your consideration. Specific details forming the proposed commission are itemised in the quotation for landscape consultancy document, which covers: 

  • Consultancy fees & hourly rates

  • Scope of Services

  • Projected outputs

  • Scope of works

  • Inclusions & Exclusions

  • Project Programme

  • Statutory requirements

  • Insurances

  • Terms & Conditions


Upon signing and returning the quotation for landscape consultancy document, we will commence provision of the agreed services as per the project programme. 


If the work you are proposing to undertake is hard to quantify at this early stage, then we can provide our services on an hourly rates basis. All work requested to be undertaken without a fixed fee quotation will be provided at the following rates (ex. G.S.T.): 

  • Landscape Architect: $160/hr

  • CAD Technician/Graphic Designer: $100/hr

  • Other design professionals/allied landscape specialists: upon request